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Healing Shock and Trauma

Facilitator Devani Dilek Yıldız Işık, Tabish Roncucci
Category Learning Love
Starting 21 October 2020, 09:00 - 19:00 (GMT +03:00, Istanbul)
Ending 25 October 2020, 07:15 - 19:15 (GMT +03:00, Istanbul)
Venue TheHome - İstanbul
Workshop Language English, Turkish

This process goes to the root of much of our difficulties and struggles in life.  We will explore the fears which we carry inside and how to heal them.  Fear can show itself in many ways – as body dysfunctions, panic, illnesses, collapse and paralysis, difficulty relating and as hyperactivity, agitation or severe mistrust. The fear has its origin in traumas of the past but is still carried in our nervous system and continues to affect our daily life today. Many of us may not even be aware of these traumas or how profoundly they affect our lives. They can also cause us to feel deep shame or shock, our sexuality may be disturbed and we may have difficulties expressing ourselves.

In this process, we teach how to work with and heal from our shock and fear. This healing path is based on awareness, understanding, learning how to be with fear and shock when it shows itself and recognizing what triggers it.  By gently unraveling whatever painful memories and shocks we may have suffered in the past and embracing them with love and compassion, these traumatic experiences become the seed of self-love, wisdom, and meditation.