Beyond Family Constellation (Module 2)

Facilitator Svagito Liebermeister
Category Family Constellation
Starting 11 May 2024, 09:00 - 19:00 (GMT +03:00, Istanbul)
Ending 18 May 2024, 07:15 - 14:30 (GMT +03:00, Istanbul)
Venue Karakaya Retreat - Bodrum
Workshop Language English, Turkish

In level 2, we explore more complicated issues and their underlying family dynamics, like addiction, abortion, adoption, sexual abuse and so on. We also look at what is at the source of many sicknesses and bodily symptoms, and how to work with them systemically.

Participants will learn how to facilitate Family Constellation sessions, following the understanding and observations of the systemic field and the movements of the representatives. The role of the facilitator and his inner attitude will be examined, and we explore how to help the intrinsic love of a family come through and to find solutions to many kinds of problems.

Some topics include:

  • Recognizing and supporting healing movements (‘movements of the soul’)
  • The interview before a constellation: how to gather relevant information
  • Constellations in individual sessions: working with symbols
  • Steps to setting up constellations: when to end or interrupt a constellation
  • The functioning of systems other than family systems (such as work teams; organizations; the body as a system)
  • Practise of constellation work

The movement within the constellation that takes us ‘beyond family’ and ‘beyond blind love to conscious love’ is part of an inner growth process that brings the individual in deep synchronicity with life itself, and into real and joyful aloneness. Only out of that true capacity to be alone can a healthy relationship become possible.

In this training, each participant will experience and understand family conditioning and have the opportunity to put up his constellation. We will also learn by watching and taking part in other participants’ constellations. The process of this work will be made transparent as the therapist explains step-by-step what is happening within each constellation and how the source of love can be found. We include the latest findings and the most recent approach of how to work with family systems.

Prerequisite for booking: Family Constellation Training Level 1 and interview with Devani Dilek Yıldız.