Terms of Use

1. Confirming the agreement
In order to become a member of thehomeworkshops.com, you are initially required to fill out the website registration form and accept and undertake thehomeworkshops.com terms of use.

2. Services
thehomeworkshops.com provides access to product and personalized content to its members who have accepted the website’s terms of use.

3. thehomeworkshops.com membership system
•    thehomeworkshops.com members have a self-designated ‘username’ and ‘password’.
•    'Username' is member-specific and the same ‘username’ is not assigned to multiple members.
•    'Password' is known only by the member. A member may change the password any time. Member has the sole responsibility in determining and maintaining a password. thehomeworkshops.com shall under no circumstance be held responsible for any issues that may arise from password use.
•    thehomeworkshops.com will not share user information with third parties or companies.
•    User is required to enter username and password information to connect to the services that require thehomeworkshops.com membership. User is required to make relevant payments to gain access to premium membership items.

4. User Requirements
While accessing the services rendered by thehomeworkshops.com the member accepts and undertakes
•    That the information provided on the registration form are correct and the member is solely responsible for any damages which may arise from incorrect or incomplete (e.g. forgetting password) information in cases when the use of said information is required, and that in such cases, the membership may be revoked,
•    Copyright of the services rendered by thehomeworkshops.com belong to thehomeworkshops.com, member will not reproduce or distribute the content, share it with third parties or sell said content via other platforms or mediums,
•    That members are solely responsible for any personal opinion, ideas or remarks posted while utilizing thehomeworkshops.com services and that thehomeworkshops.com can under no circumstances be held liable,
•    Not to gain unauthorized access or in any form or way that is unapproved by thehomeworkshops.com to the services provided through thehomeworkshops.com,
•    thehomeworkshops.com is not to be held liable of any damages that may occur due to access to member data by unauthorized parties,
•    Not to send messages that are hostile, immoral, racist or contrary to the laws of Republic of Turkey or international treaties,
•    Correspondences, titles or nicknames, which will be viewable on the platform, conform to moral principles, rules of etiquette and of law,
•    Not to harass or threaten other users,
•    Not to act in a way that will hamper the use of services by other members,
•    Not to publish, print or distribute any material or information that smirches a person or an institution or is transgressive, immoral, inappropriate or that can be considered illegal,
•    Not to post advertisements,
•    Not to use thehomeworkshops.com services for commercial or promotional purposes without the consent of thehomeworkshops.com,
•    thehomeworkshops.com has the right to monitor the entire system on a regular basis or at any given time,
•    thehomeworkshops.com has the right to interfere, deny member’s access to the service and cancel her/his membership if the member fails to comply with the rules,
•    thehomeworkshops.com may use its website for commercial activities,
•    Not to record or exploit personal information that belongs to others,
•    Member is solely responsible for any and all transaction conducted with her/his ‘username’,
•    thehomeworkshops.com shall not be held responsible for the failure of the user to receive any email sent out by thehomeworkshops.com,
•    That the member has been advised to seek the help of a psychologist, psychiatrist or doctor of medicine in case of physical or mental health issues that may prevent the member to take part in a purchased or free workshop, the member takes full responsibility of the effects of a workshop on them, and the member shall be fully responsible for their health before or after the workshop and that thehomeworkshops.com is not to be held liable of any changes that may occur in a member’s health condition.

5. Authorities vested in thehomeworkshops.com
•    thehomeworkshops.com may temporarily suspend or completely cease system’s operations any time.
•    thehomeworkshops.com has no liability whatsoever towards its members or third parties for temporarily suspending or permanently ceasing system operations.
•    thehomeworkshops.com does not guarantee that the services will be rendered in a timely, safe and perfect manner, that the outcomes of our services will be accurate and reliable and that the quality of service will fulfill the expectations.
•    thehomeworkshops.com has the authority to backup or delete at any time or periods either some or all of the messages forwarded with regards to services provided. thehomeworkshops.com shall not be held liable for anything related to such backups or deletions.
•    thehomeworkshops.com has the right to change the price and product specifications put on sale on the website.
•    thehomeworkshops.com, in addition to making changes in implementation of this agreement in relation to technical difficulties that may arise in the future and for legislative harmonization purposes, may amend current articles or introduce new articles.
•    thehomeworkshops.com may change the nature of free-for-all services such that they require premium membership over time. thehomeworkshops.com may introduce additional services, partially or completely alter certain services or change them into paid services.

6. Restrictions of Personal and Noncommercial Use
Customers hereby agree that any and all transactions are for personal use and not for resale purposes.

7. Service Delivery
Customer will gain access to the purchased membership privileges once the payment is completed.

8. Refunding
Refunds will not be issued limited to the purchases processed via credit card, bank remittance and EFT payments.