Devani Dilek Yıldız Işık

Devani Dilek Yıldız Işık

Devani is a Sannyas name, which refers to a passenger on a journey to find the truth of life. Devani passionately seeks and experiences life, and learns more as she shares.

Devani Dilek Yıldız is one of the most experienced students of Svagito Liebermeister, having been working with him for seventeen years. She has travelled with him all around the world for 8 years as Head Assistant in Facilitator Trainings such as Family Constellation, Zen Way of Counseling, Trauma, and Pulsation. She currently works as a co-facilitator with Svagito Liebermeister in Family Constellation Facilitator Training.

Devani has been working with people since 1998. She is the only certified Learning Love Institute Trainer in Turkey who has been trained by Krishnananda & Amana, the founders of Learning Love Institute, and she has been working for many years as an instructor therapist in their overseas training sessions. She has also had the chance to work with Bert Hellinger, who is the founder of the Family Constellation modality in the world of therapy, and has received long term advanced training in this modality. She took 3-year training in Italy and became Pulsation / Bioenergetics Practitioner. She also completed Dr. Peter Levine’s 3-year training in Germany to become a Somatic Experience Practitioner in Trauma Therapy.

In 2008, she launched Invitation to Meditation movement (Meditasyona Davet) in Turkey and has been holding meditation trainings ever since. In addition to holding leadership group workshops, supervisions, training and seminars, she offers sessions for individuals and couples in various areas of Turkey and other countries. Devani is also a co-founder and consultant of Park Tarabya Kindergarten which was selected in Finland to be one of the top 3 schools in the Best Educational Practices of the World.

Devani’s priority, beyond all methods, is to approach people with a compassionate, meditative and mindful manner.


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