Learning Love

Learning Love

The Learning Love Work is a process of learning to live a life of love, creativity, and inner silence. The Learning Love Institute was founded by Krish (who is trained as a psychiatrist with degrees from Harvard and the University of California and began leading seminars in the early 1980s) and Amana who have been leading seminars worldwide since 1995. Passion in developing this work is to teach what they have learned through their own inner journey and from being together as a couple for many years. The main focus of their work is to inspire others to live a life full of love, creativity, and inner silence. Krish The basic principle of The Learning Love Work is to help people reconnect with a basic trust in themselves and to learn the art of deep, committed, and sustained intimacy.

The work penetrates through the superficial and non-essential so that we can:

  • Learn to accept ourselves deeply with all of our insecurities and fears
  • Stop believing that we are deficient and defective and start appreciating who we are
  • Have deep love and intimacy in our lives – both with ourselves and with others
  • The work combines the teaching of meditation with direct experiencing wounded states, intensive inner inquiry, psychological teaching, specific relating exercises and awakening repressed life energy in an atmosphere of relaxation and acceptance.

This work is a highly specific, gentle but effective approach to recovering from our wounded state of being and rediscovering our true nature. The approach is without pressure or confrontation in order to access our deepest inner spaces.

The work teaches us to:

  • Recognize when our wounds get triggered in our daily life and learn to feel the fear and pain that comes up when we get triggered.
  • Reconnect with our essential life energy and discover our hidden beauty inside.
  • Learn the tools to relate and communicate consciously.

The founders, Krish and Amana have written eight books describing their work and experiences, some of them are:

“Face to Face with Fear – Transforming Fear into Love”
“Stepping Out of Fear – Breaking Free of Our Pain and Suffering”
“From Fantasy Trust to Real Trust – Learning from Our Disappointments and Betrayals”
“When Sex Become Intimate – How Our Sexuality Changes with Deeper Intimacy”

For more information: www.learningloveinstitute.com